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The company

Preloc Ltd is a Finnish, second generation family business, with 40 years cumulative experience of designing and producing log houses. Preloc Values are focused on high quality and a commitment to the requirements of the client.

Our goal is to produce long lasting, ecological housing that will last for generations for people who appreciate the quality of living in a well designed, comfortable and healthy atmosphere. To help us to do this, we use the best quality, slowly grown arctic pine and spruce from well-managed, sustainable forests in northern Finland. Slowly grown pine has tight growth rings i.e. annual rings, which makes it the strongest and most durable and stable natural construction material for log housing. We also utilize the highest quality wood construction expertise alongside the newest design and manufacturing processes, whilst respecting the long history and traditions of our industry.

“I remember as yesterday my first exposure to log house manufacturing. The feel and aroma of wood struck me instantly. I knew this was for me!” – Paul Botham


Paul Botham visited Finland for the first time in 1993 as an exchange student Lahti Institute of Design. He fell in love with the country and its’ people. He moved there upon graduating in 1994 as Industrial Designer from the University Of Central England in Birmingham. After a few years, Paul could speak Finnish already quite well.

Paul learned the trade under the tutorage of Mr. Kuikko and in year 2000 they founded Oy Preloc Ltd and immediately started Exporting to UK and Japan.

The company’s roots stem from Nuijamaa situated in east Finland, where Mr. Yrjö Kuikko founded the initial saw and planing mill. The first log house was built in 1969.

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